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Although the modern incarnation of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is marred by a number of issues such as Revisionism and Social-Fascism, it's history is marked by it's huge membership peeking at 75,000, advancing Socialist and Marxism-Leninism thought in the United States. It was recognized by the Soviet Union and the 3rd International as the legitimate vanguard of the American working class. Founded in 1919, the CPUSA has played a significant role in shaping American politics and advocating for progressive change.

The CPUSA was formed out of the consolidation of the progressive forces in the Socialist Party of America after the October Revolution made the necessity of revolution and the Vanguard Party clear.

The Labor Movement

The Civil Rights Movement

The Red Scare

Collapse of the USSR

Fall into Revisionism

Mass Organizations


Celebration of the Life of Gus Hall

CPUSA National Committee 2001 Meeting Pre-Convention Discussion

Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism: A Guide for Teachers

History's Challenge

Instructor's Outline for Orientation Course

Organized Labor - New Times, New Problems, New Ideas

CPUSA Report of Constitution Committee May 5, 2001

Study Course on The Communist Party, The Working Class, and Industrial Concentration

Together Against Imperialism - Greetings to 22nd National Convention CPUSA

The Communist Party USA: 75 Years of Struggle

The Ideological Struggle in the American Left

The Worker

The most well known publication of the CPUSA was The Worker which began publication in Chicago in 1924 and had a peak circulation of 35,000. In 1927, the newspaper moved its headquarters to New York City and changed its name to The Daily Worker. This move allowed it to have a more significant impact on national and international politics. During the Cold War era, The Daily Worker faced increasing government political repressoin. In 1956, the paper was briefly renamed "The Worker" as the CPUSA tried to distance itself from the Soviet Union after Khrushchev's rise to power. The newspaper faced financial challenges and declining readership in the post-World War II period. In 1958, it ceased its print publication due to financial difficulties. In 1968 it was renamed The Daily World, and in 1986 it was merged with People's World, which is still published today. People's World now largely de-emphasizes it's Communist roots and often features articles praising the Democratic Party.

The Worker Archive Here

The Worker is continued by the Party of Communists USA

Black Liberation Journal

The Black Liberation Journal dealt with civil rights issues affecting African Americans.

Party Affairs and Party Builder

Party Affairs was the internal organizational publication of the CPUSA. It was later continued as Party Builder.

Political Affairs

The ideological organ of the CPUSA was originally called The Communist. The Communist was later renamed Political Affairs, which was published in print form until 2007. The Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) continues this ideological publication today: see The Communist.